Meet Kirstie

Hey There! I'm Kirstie! Wife. Mom. Photographer. I Love watching my kids play soccer. Love Pizza. Love my dogs. Always wishing I was at the beach. 

I will be the first person to admit that family pictures are hard to get perfect. Maybe you have been trying for years to get that dream shot where everyone is actually smiling. Or maybe you have just accepted the fact that someone is going to end up crying anyway.

Girl, I got you! I have photographed toddlers who refuse to sit still, the kids who would prefer making any face at the camera but a smiling one, and the babies that never seem to stop crying. Oh and let's not forget the Dad who is being forced into it too. That perfect moment may only last a split second but you can be sure I will capture it. I capture it all, the love, the crazy, the happy and the tender moments in between. That's where the real memories are made. 

I began my journey into photography like most, wanting to capture every moment of their new baby doing all the cute baby things. That was 15 years ago. I began my professional journey almost 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. What a journey it has been!

Newborns, babies, toddlers, children of all ages, high school seniors, families, engagements, weddings and the list goes on. Even though I only take on the occassional wedding these days my focus and love is with babies, children and families. I find the most joy in these sessions.

Time goes by so quickly. I know how cliche that is but dang if it ain't true! Now let's get together and make some memories!

See you soon!